Ukraine Calling
in six steps

Short description of the programme

The goal of Ukraine Calling is to support our participants with the development and implementation of concrete project ideas together with international partners. Therefore, it is our aim to design the programme in accordance with the needs and wishes of the participating organisations. Thus, identifying these demands is of high importance for a productive collaboration.

Ukraine Calling is designed as a hybrid capacity building programme which includes digital/online and offline meetings. As the first step, the participants will be invited to reflect their needs during an online onboarding meeting on 27 and 28 April 2021. The second meeting will hopefully take place in Frankfurt (Oder), if the pandemic situation allows. If not, it will be carried out in an online format, as well. 

The foci of the meeting in Frankfurt (Oder) will be set on cross-sectorality, cross-border collaboration and knowledge transfer related to various aspects of local development.The common urban space of the twin-city of Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice is an especially illustrative context where cross-border projects and exchange are deeply intertwined into the fabric of everyday encounters. The stay in Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice offers an opportunity to meet decision-makers from the field of politics, representatives of civil society initiatives, as well as other actors working in the field of local development.

The diverse programme of workshops and seminars will help its participants to advance competences in the fields of project development and fundraising. 

As the next step, participants can apply for a kick-off grant (up to 400€) to identify and visit potential collaboration partners abroad and thus engage in a firsthand exchange of professional experience or spend it to cover expenses necessary for getting the project started.

Additional meetings will take place from 29 September to 1 October (online) and on 9-12 November 2021 (Kyїv/online). This time the emphasis will be put on project development and planning, coupled by roundtables and various/other formats of collegial consulting.

All phases will be rounded off with public events on local development, targeting a broader audience, including actors and decision-makers from various fields.

Please, note that the programme requires your engagement also between the meetings. 

Upon completion of the programme, participating organisations will be well-equipped with knowledge, skills and a network that will help them to implement their project ideas with international partners. It goes without saying, that the Ukraine Calling team will support its alumni and alumnae with the final execution of the project also in the following year.

To get an overview about the formats of exchange, check the programme from the last year, where the four meetings were condensed into the two longer ones.