European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

European University Viadrina was newly founded in 1991 with a mission to improve German-Polish relations and become a bridge towards Middle and Eastern Europe. In terms of both teaching and research all the three departments of Viadrina University are thematically focused on Europe in a larger sense, with a special emphasis primarily placed on Eastern Europe and Ukraine as a transdisciplinary research focus. In this regard, besides the Ukrainian summer school Viadrinicum and the Ukrainian language courses, one should mention Institute for Conflict Management (IKM), that inter alia consults the OSCE Mission in Eastern Ukraine, and Frankfurt Institute for Transformation Studies (FIT), that has published numerous pieces of research on processes of societal transformations and the role of civil society in Ukraine. Moreover since 2018, Andrij Portnov holds the only professorship of “Entangled history of Ukraine” in Germany, explicitly devoted to the history of Ukraine.


CEDOS is an independent, non-partisan, non-commercial think tank and NGO promoting the values of social justice and evidence-based decision making. We research and analyze government policies and social processes and implement projects in various spheres: migration, education, housing, democracy.

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA)

NaUKMA is one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine, a center of scholarly excellence, established in 1615 and reopened in 1992. NaUKMA is a classical university comprised of 6 faculties (Computer Sciences, Economics, Humanities, Law, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Technologies). NaUKMA has a history of introducing experimental initiatives that become models for educational reform throughout the country: NaUKMA was the only Ukrainian university running EHEA-compliant PhD programs since 2008 being a basis for the national reform of the PhD training in 2016. NaUKMA strongly contributed to elaboration of the new Law on Higher Education of September 2014 and is the basis for multiple reforms in the university performance in Ukraine. NaUKMA is the forerunner of internationalization in higher education in Ukraine.

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland is the major academic institution in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska region) and one of the top Polish universities. Its 100-year old reputation is founded on long tradition of higher education in the City of Poznań and the outstanding current achievements of its staff, students and graduates. The department for Ukrainian Studies conducts linguistic, literary and cultural research and teaching, as well as promoting intercultural competence through various projects and conferences.

Centre Marc Bloch

The Franco-German research centre Centre Marc Bloch is dedicated to European interdisciplinary top-level research and the training of young researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Franco-German research practice forms are the basis for cooperation with other European and international countries. The Centre Marc Bloch is a first-rate networking hub for German and French universities, research institutions and researchers. Last but not least, the Centre Marc Bloch also functions as an important mediator for Franco-German scientific cooperation and its integration into the European and international research area.

National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU)

National Youth Council of Ukraine was founded in February, 2015 to revive youth movement in Ukraine. The platform was established by the leading international and national youth organizations to promote and protect the youth rights all over Ukraine and on the international level. NYCU has 155 member organizations and 18 Regional branches. The mission of NYCU is to represent and protect the civil, political, social and economic rights of Ukrainian youth, to enhance the opportunities for personal development and active participation of young people in social and political life.  During the past two years NYCU conducted a lot of advocacy, educational and training activities with and for its member organisations, supported advocacy campaigns with mini-subgranting program, organized numerous youth exchanges. NYCU has also developed its recommendations to the State Youth Strategy “14 Points” and run high-scale national advocacy campaign with round-tables on the Youth strategy, as well as handled informational campaign “Vote!” for involving young people in the Presidential and Parliament elections.

Euro Créative

Euro Créative is an independent and non-partisan think tank based in Paris. Founded in 2019, its general aim is to reinforce relations between France and Central and Eastern Europe at political, economic as well as societal/cultural levels. Euro Créative strongly believes that the strengthening of relations between France and CEE countries has the potential to help the reducing of the still persistent East/West divide in Europe. In order to stimulate these relations, Euro Créative has the ambition to raise interest and increase knowledge about this region and its numerous countries in France as well as to play a role of intermediary between French and CEE stakeholders

Minsk Urban Platform

Minsk Urban Platform is a Belarusian non-profit organization. We are a team of young professionals: researchers, architects, anthropologists, communicators and sociologists. Our goal is to make Belarusian cities more comfortable for people, because a comfortable environment makes citizens happier. To achieve it, for almost 7 years we’ve been engaged in urban research, participatory design, creating new urban spaces, and educating other people. With love to cities, with love to people.