First Meeting of Ukraine Calling 2021 Participants

The first online meetings of participants of this year’s “Ukraine Calling. Cross-Sectoral Capacity Building” took place on April 27th and 28th, when representatives of organizations and initiatives from Belarus, France, Germany, Poland and Ukraine met and shared their expectations for the programme and suggestions on the format of further joint work on projects. In addition, participants had the opportunity to attend two panel discussions on local development and regional policy in Ukraine and beyond, organized by “Ukraine Calling” in cooperation with CEDOS think tank (Ukraine), and share their views on this topic.

This year the participants represent the following organizations and initiatives:


“Za Velo Brest!”

Art-residence “Dvor Susha”

Center for Urban Initiatives

Human Constanta

International Public Association of Environmentalists (IPAE)

The Republican Youth Public Association “Next Stop – New Life” (NSNL)

France / Romania:

The Human Development Research Initiative (HDRI)


APOLLO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Projekte in Oekologie, Landwirtschaft und Landesentwicklung in Osteuropa)

Cross-Border Investigations 

Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights


Centre for Urban Studies

Cultural Geographies 

Cultural Landscapes

Freedom March

Initiative Group “Mariupol Zero Waste” 

The Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities

Ukrainian Expert Foundation

Urban Re-Public 

The next meetings are scheduled for June 14-17, 2021 in Frankfurt (Oder) or online during which participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars on local development, cross-sectoral collaborations, cross-border networking, and fundraising. 

The programme “Ukraine Calling. Cross-Sectoral Capacity Building” is funded by the German Foreign Office within the programme of Civil Society Cooperation. 

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