Workshop for UC-alumnae und alumni on burnout prevention

The constant high level of workload in the project logics in the fields of civil society, NGOs or grass-root initiatives is too often underestimated and thus not problematized..Therefore we met some days ago to discuss one phenomenon that nearly every employee of an organization, activist or volunteer might be exposed to. Burnout is not a new matter but its risk highly increased in the time of pandemic. We had a closer look at definition/s of burnout as well as go through some facts and figures about it. Furthermore, we discussed some common myths attached to burnout and focus on a sensitive difference between engagement and satisfaction. As a practical part of the workshop we reviewed some best practices for burnout prevention and hints for employees, leaders and activists who would like to increase their own resilience.Great thanks to Karolina and Anna from Klub Myśli Społecznej Inicjatywy for such an informative and beautiful seminar day!