Ecologies of Encounters I: Happening “Universal Hero’s Journey

In the first encounter “Universal Hero’s Journey”, you are invited to join an interactive online performance by the duo Krolikowski Art. The online will raise the question of the postmodern alienation of individual narratives from one another  — a phenomenon that establishes post-truth and communication breakdown in the 21st century.

Can we save the universal unity of civilization without losing the achievements of humanistic individualism? Campbell’s monomyth is a description of the transformation process through which the hero acquires new qualities and reaches a new level of development. By oscillating between personal and ordinary, we will emphasize that any individual plot or scenario is part of a common story.

The online happening is intended to illustrate the interconnectedness of internal and external processes. Together with all participants, we will face dangerous temptations, go through the rows of heroic trials and eventually bring the new qualities from the otherworld. Within the online happening, a journey of a collective hero will take place. The hero’s journey will be created and symbolically passed collectively. Hence there will be no usual spectators or viewers; each person is a co-creator of the story and happening.

To participate please register here by July 31, 2021.

After your registration you will receive an email with one question. You are asked to form an answer in 2-6 sentences by July 31, 2021. Be ready to connect via Zoom on August 4, 2021 at 7.30 pm (CEST) with the camera switched on.

“Ecologies of Encounter” is a participatory online event with four sessions that offers an ecosystem of alternative knowledge and cultural practice for shared experiences of intercultural encounters.

The Ukraine Calling Alumni Summer is kindly supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.