Ecologies of Encounters II: Why to think about Ambrosia, Steppe and Rose Bushes. A collective walk with Oksana Kazmina

As part of the Ukraine Calling Alumni Summer, you are invited to take part in a walk initiated by the artist Oksana Kazmina.

“Let’s drift through the streets and other places you choose. Perhaps you have your own favorite streets where you live. Did you notice which plants grow there? Are they wild or planted by someone? Did they grow here before people came or is their presence related to people’s activity? Which of them do you like, which don’t and why? Do plants remind you of something that you love? Do you have some stories to share?”

With the help of the iNaturalist app, the participants should recognize the plant species and send pictures and brief descriptions to a Telegram chat. At the end there is a map with the plants of different neighborhoods.

The event will take place on August 11, 2021, 6.30 pm within a Telegram group. To participate, please register by August 10, 7.00 pm in the Telegram group.

The iNaturalist ca be downloaded here:

Oksana Kazmina is a Ukrainian artist and filmmaker whose approach is based on intersectional feminism and post-humanism. Oksana mainly works with the topics of discursive violence, sexuality, (un)natural. Oksana has co-founded projects such as Body Practices (together with Anatoliy Belov), Serviz Propav (with Vasyl Tkachenko), Okcanas (with AntiGonna). 

“Ecologies of Encounter” is a participatory online event with four sessions that offers an ecosystem of alternative knowledge and cultural practice for shared experiences of intercultural encounters.

The Ukraine Calling Alumni Summer is kindly supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.