Ecologies of Encounters III: What Makes a House a Home?

During slow, dreamy walks through the streets of Kharkiv, we noticed that we sometimes talk to people and animals, as well as to the city buildings. Look at abandoned houses, these forgotten architectural bodies, blind spots in the city center, mostly just waiting to be destroyed by natural processes or by human hands. These bodies are not dead. We want to see and hear them, pay our attention to them and feel their presence: What stories do they have? Is there an alternative future for these houses? How could art practices help rediscover lost points on the city map? How could we, artists, flaneurs and urban explorers, breathe more life into these lonely places?

With these questions in mind, we create our audiovisual performance and invite you to join us in meditation and conversation afterwards.

Julia Repina is a performance artist. She explores the emotional limits of personality through performance. She uses analog and digital forms of art to discover different sides of human beings.

Lena Dzhurina is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In her artistic practice, she expresses a synaesthetic experience of uncovering the connections between larger and smaller stories of everyday life.

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“Ecologies of Encounter” is a participatory online event with four sessions that offers an ecosystem of alternative knowledge and cultural practice for shared experiences of intercultural encounters.

The Ukraine Calling Alumni Summer is kindly supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.