Ecologies of Encounters IV: Reflective Group Talk

With the three previous Encounters, we brought together a group of artists who addressed the topic of the encounter between us, biodiversity and our immediate neighborhood. Based on the own practice of each artist, it was possible to experience currently necessary cultural practices that enable relationships between the different forms of life and things and thus focus attention on the respective potentials for action.

It is still about experience and storytelling: As with Krolikowski Art Duo, who used the motif of the hero’s journey and machine learning software and algorithms to try out new forms of storytelling with us, so did Oksana Kazima with her invitation to explore one’s own neighbourhood in a broader sense together with a plant recognition app. In contrast, Yulia Repina and Lena Dzhurina use audiovisual performances to highlight parts of their own urban environment. Through the means of applied artistic research, artists and activists intend more than ever to go beyond the human to ask questions about the fragility of our knowledge of our relationship to the immediate environment, the world and the existence of communication between us, things and species. Is the perspective taken an imaginary one or can we shape immediate experiences that dissolve the questions of communicative boundaries between humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects? It is the interactions that emerge during an Encounter. 

For an hour we share a common topic, observe what the others are doing, answer with questions or emotions and in the best case everyone has learned something from the other. Join us on August 25 at 7.30 p.m. CEST via Zoom:…

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No registration required.

“Ecologies of Encounter” is a participatory online event with four sessions that offers an ecosystem of alternative knowledge and cultural practice for shared experiences of intercultural encounters.

The Ukraine Calling Alumni Summer is kindly supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.