Voices from
Ukraine IV

Hanna Vakhitova
Assistant professor and a Senior Economist at Kyiv School of Economics

Marta Kindler
Assistant professor the Centre of Migration Research and the Institute for Social Prevention and Resocialisation, University of Warsaw

Russia’s war in Ukraine cased at least 3 mio. of refugees who let the country immediately, seeking security and shelter in Ukraine’s western neighbouring countries. But another dimension of migration follows: As Ukraine has been a main supplier of food and agricultural products in particular at markets in the Middle East and North Africa, these countries will face food shortages and higher prices for food at the same time. This foreseeable double shock of food supply is likely to raise social unrest and migration. In today’s session of VOICES FROM UKRAINE, we will discuss these different aspects of war-related migration.

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The series “Voices from Ukraine – Writing and Researching in War: Dialogue with Scholars from and in Ukraine” takes place every Thursday at lunchtime in the upcoming weeks. VOICES FROM UKRAINE presents Ukrainian analyses and perspectives on the war. We discuss the current situation with academics in Ukraine and listen to their evaluation of how Ukraine can move forward. At the Viadrina, we offer our colleagues in Ukraine a platform to be heard – in Germany, in Europe. Streams of the previous events can be found here.

The series of events is a cooperation of Viadrina Institut für Europa-Studien (IFES) and the project Ukraine Calling at European University Viadrina.