Memories of a Better Future. Analyzing Post-Maidan Condition from Multiple Perspectives

Almost for years after the revolution of dignity the media attention towards Ukraine has dropped significantly. Although the war in the east is still present. At the same time, some hopes on strengthening of the civil society and more transparency in politics and economy are fulfilled, others were disappointed. Is it possible to frame a Post-Maidan Ukraine and to draw a balance, already? What are the main changes in politics, culture, and society itself? How do Ukrainian self-perceptions look like today?

Tatiana Zhurzhenko (Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue, Institut von der Wissenschaft vom Menschen, Wien)

Georg Genoux (Theaterregisseur, Theatre of Displaced People, Kyïv)

Moderation: Mykhailo Minakov (Frankfurt (O.)/Kyïv)

Date: December 7, 2019