Shaping Digital Citizenship: Exchange of Knowledge and Building of Cooperation Networks

Shaping Digital Citizenship: Exchange of Knowledge and Building of Cooperation Networks

Digitalization of welfare services, daily digital activities, and introduction of ICT in decision-making transform the relationship between the state and the citizen, either gradually or through disruption. In advanced digital societies, governments and policy makers rely on ‘active and informed citizen’ to make well informed decisions and actively engage in social and political acts through digital technologies. However, such an empowerment is preconditioned by literacy and habit of use of current and upcoming technologies. Ultimately, the current global COVID19 pandemic that limited citizens’ choices of action and communication with public authorities to a range of digital technologies, brought into the light the critical role of access and use of digital infrastructures and information literacy in the exercise of citizenship rights, responsibilities, and freedoms. As technologies and society mutually shape each other, there is a need to understand deeper how these transformational processes effect citizenship’s formal aspects, as well as how citizenship is enacted in daily lives. Therefore, our overarching communicational question addresses how citizenship practices and the institution of citizenship are affected when digital technologies and automation mediate the relations in society.

The aim of the project is to build the cooperation network between three countries – Ukraine, Belarus and Germany to reveal and share the best international empirical, theoretical, and practical knowledge about the transformation of the practice of citizenship under the influence of digital technologies and automation of relations between the members of society and the public authorities.

Olga Matveieva


Dr. Olga Matveieva received PhD in the field of public administration from Dnipropetrovsk Institute for Public Administration. She conducts research on a new role of Ukraine in relations with EU and evaluates the capacities for a further integration of the country into the EU. As civic activist, she builds an intra-Ukrainian and international expert network to provide a sustainable focus on the research of governance models and mechanisms in Ukraine and Ukrainian government’s public relations. Dr. Matveieva is the founder of NGO ‘Ukrainian Expert Foundation’ which operates in the sphere of promotion of sustainable development in Ukraine, providing research and expertise for local government officials, participating and organizing activities for the formation of network of experts and public activists.

NGO "Ukrainian Expert Foundation"


NGO "Ukrainian Expert Foundation" is a platform for cross-sectoral and cross-national cooperation for the implementation of projects, related to achieving sustainable development goals in Ukraine and EaP region. It has been launched by Ukrainian scholars, representing different areas such as public administration, sociology, computer science, and includes experts, who specialise in social entrepreneurship, local government, political analytics, ICT, digitalisation, and are engaged in the processes of organisational and societal development of Ukraine and the region.